Clothes for Clean Water

1.4 million children die each year from lack of access to safe drinking water.


On October 9, John and I are each running 26.2 miles in the Chicago Marathon for clean water. We are trying to raise 2,600 (1,300 each – that’s $50 a mile) that will directly build one well in Kenya, Africa. Because of this well, a child will not have to worry about finding water every day to survive. Instead he or she can worry about things a child should be worrying about – going to school(!), playing with friends, spending time with family. We are running with World Vision. We have been training intensively for about three months now and are feeling great. The training has been very time consuming and quite difficult at some points, but we are pushing through it because we believe in the cause so much. The idea that our running will be able to provide clean water to a number of children in Kenya is all kinds of encouraging and enough to get us through.


Help support us by purchasing some of these clothes items I’m selling. ALL the money will go straight to clean water in Africa! Contact us for prices. You can also give directly on our websites:



I handmade all of the following items. They can be made “to order”. Think of them as a reward for giving to this cause.
Thanks to John for the photos! :)

Aaron and Kate

Grand Rapids, MI

It sure was a blast dancing the night away with you guys!