Review From Natalia & Michael “My husband Mike & I loved working with John & Maura. It goes without saying that these two are crazy talented & delightfully creative, which is what drew us into working with them. We love our engagement & wedding photos, every single one. But we were even more pleased when John and Maura proved kind and warm and so (SO) easy to work with. Seriously, they’re awesome. These two made our wedding day a breeze, and even more beautiful to remember with our perfect photos.”
Review From Mallory & Kyle "We didn’t know what we were looking for in a wedding photographer until we met the Stoffers. Without even seeing their portfolio of work, we were sold on their warm and welcoming personalities. More-so, their style, technique, and exceptional ability to capture the most incredible in-between moments is what, in hindsight, makes us so grateful that we chose them. Sure, we got the traditional wedding shots for my grandmother. But more importantly, we have a collection of the coolest, most understated moments from the biggest day of our lives—they're the ones we cherish the most. We love the Stoffers!
Review From Krissy & Lowell "John and Maura are nothing shy of amazing. They're not only a complete joy to work with, but they go above and beyond to make everyone feel comfortable throughout an overwhelmingly emotional and exciting day. My husband and I feel blessed to have worked with such incredible talent to have so many lovely photos and memories to last us a lifetime. They're simply the best."